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Role of the executive

Your 2019 parents and citizens' association executive members

President: David Hetherington

Vice Presidents: Tammy Edwards and Kristy Barker

Secretary: Natalie Savell

Treasurer: Gabrielle Gillett

Non-Office Bearers: Juannola Troy and Julie Davis

Role of the executive

The parents and citiziens' association (P&C) executive carries out the decisions of P&C meetings and ensures that the governance and business aspects of the P&C are looked after. This includes taking care of the administration, finances and processes that help the P&C achieve its objective of supporting the school.

You can contact the P&C executive at Emails are usually checked at least every 48 hours, but please be patient as it may take a few days for your email to be forwarded to the correct person for a response.

Joining the parents and citizens' association executive

The P&C executive is elected each year at the annual general meeting (AGM). The 2020 AGM will be held on Tuesday 18 February 2020.

If you are interested in in nominating for a position on the executive, please email for a nomination form. 

Frequently asked questions

What positions are on the executive?

There are 5 named positions which must be filled each year: president, two vice presidents, treasurer and secretary.

In addition, there may be up to six non-office bearers, including assistants to the treasurer and secretary (if required). Taking on one of the non-office bearing roles can be a great way to get involved and learn about the executive roles.

What is the time commitment like?

Executive members should be available to attend most P&C meetings (held monthly on a Tuesday evening), and occasional executive meetings (typically 3-4 per year).

Members of the executive also typically spend an additional 5-10 hours per month liaising with P&C members and sub-committees, planning and coordinating activities, and completing administrative tasks.

What does a role on the parents and citizens' association executive involve?

All members of the executive typically contribute by:

  • participating in P&C events (usually around two per term) and encouraging other parents/carers to get involved
  • coordinating with at least one sub-committee and reporting back to P&C meetings on their behalf if required
  • contributing to the processes of running of the P&C—eg. preparation of proposals, coordinating grants, etc
  • assisting sub-committees or other members of the executive to spread the workload when necessary.

In addition, some roles have other specific responsibilities:

The president and vice presidents meet with the principal (once or twice a month) to coordinate P&C activities and ensure that the P&C is aligned with the interests of the school, plan key communications with the secretary, and represent the school and the P&C in forums outside the school as required. More information can be found here.

The treasurer (and assistant to the treasurer if one is elected) must keep the books of the association, prepare a monthly financial summary and cash position for presentation at P&C meetings, submit reports to various authorities and complete day-to-day financial tasks such as banking, coordinating reimbursement of expenses and invoice payment. More information can be found here.

The secretary (and assistant to the secretary if one is elected) create and distribute meeting agendas and minutes, coordinate with sub-committees and other members of the executive to plan communications (at least fortnightly), manage incoming and outgoing correspondence, and maintain the register of members. More information can be found here.